Should You Have Your Office Carpet Cleaned Professionally or do it Yourself?

Posted on 09 January 2018 (0)

Office carpeting has its own unique way of beautifying office space, bringing warmth and comfort to your interior. The worst enemy of your carpet is dirt. Dirt will not only make your carpet appear unsightly and dirty, but at the same time fray the fibers of the carpet, reducing it’s natural life.  The more foot traffic you get on your office carpets, the dirtier they get, and the unhealthier they normally turn out to be.

Why Should You Have Your Office Carpets Cleaned?

Cleaned office carpets will keep your customers, yourself, and your employees healthy. On the other hand, these carpets will build an excellent first impression, drawing customers towards you as against turning away from you.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Office Carpets?

You should have your office carpets cleaned at least once or twice a year, as a common recommendation. But if you have a commercial building that gets high foot traffic, or processes food, this should be increased. For instance, a friend of ours works at a meat distribution company and they have their carpets cleaned every other month by Powerhouse Carpet Cleaning. They specialize in commercial carpet cleaning.

Do-it-Yourself or Professional Janitorial Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Having concluded that office carpet cleaning is very important, which is the best option to use? Is it by Do-it-Yourself or by professional office carpet cleaning service?

Professional Office Carpet Cleaning Service

There are many reasons to leave your office carpet cleaning ion the hands of a professional janitorial cleaning service including the following:

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Professional office carpet cleaning service will improve the indoor air quality of your office environment as dirt and debris trapped in the carpet is thoroughly removed. This will eliminate allergens and bacteria, helping you and your employees breathe easily.

2. Heavy Tools and Supplies Needed for Hard Tasks are Made Available

Professional janitorial commercial cleaning companies make the necessary tools and supplies required to carry out thorough cleaning available. In addition, they have all the vital cleaning solutions to accomplish deeper carpet cleaning. They will make sure they use heavy tools for hard tasks to make sure your carpet doesn’t accumulate possible harmful materials such as dust mites and mold.

3. Deep and Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Deep and thorough carpet cleaning is guaranteed with professional janitorial commercial cleaning. Deep and thorough carpet cleaning removes and dislodges dirt and allergen loudening in the lowest segments of the carpet. Professional deep carpet cleaning by knowledgeable janitorial cleaning companies pulls all dust mites, dirt and other foreign bodies from the pedestal of your carpet fibers.

4. Saves Time and Money

With professional office carpet cleaning, you will save time and money. Buying commercial cleaning tools and equipment can be very expensive. Professional janitorial cleaning company will bring the required tools needed to clean your carpets without extra charges. In addition you will save time when you hire specialized cleaners to clean your office carpets. You can spend the time you saved in doing other important things in your business.

Do-it-Yourself Office Carpet Cleaning

  • Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning will seldom produce similar results as professional janitorial cleaning services.
  • It is expensive because you have to spend more on supplies and equipment if you want to achieve deep and thorough cleaning.
  • It is time consuming and does not guarantee deep and thorough cleaning due to lack of professionalism.
  • You may think that this type of cleaning will save you some bulks, but you will spend more in the long run.


In view of the above facts, you should have your office carpets cleaned professionally. It’s really a no brainer.

How to Choose a Janitorial Service

Posted on 07 December 2017 (0)

Janitorial service includes lining of trash cans, debris removal, cleaning of home and office buildings, carpet shampooing, vacuuming and buffing of floors, emptying trash receptacles and keeping your environment clean and tidy, among others.

Knowing how to choose a janitorial service is very important because there are more than a few companies in the industry contending for jobs. If you are looking for a new janitorial service company to clean your residence or office, how do you filter through all these services to choose the best to suit the job you want to do?

The fact is that finding a reputable janitorial service can be a complicated task. You can never be certain about the quality of service offered by any of these companies until you have a close contact or dealing with them.

However, here are common criteria you should consider before choosing a janitorial service company.

1. Professionalism

The backbone and basis of all janitorial service companies are the employees. They must comprise of professional management, supervisors and front-line cleaners. Therefore, do thorough findings to make sure you know the management of the janitorial company and the category of cleaners who will be assigned to clean your place. They must be knowledgeable and experienced enough to do a perfect job for you.

2. Background Checks 

Background checks are particularly necessary for janitorial service companies as their employees always have keys and security codes to the expensive items in the buildings of their customers. If a potential employee who is not qualified exhibits a constant and recent history of theft, it could be a danger for a cleaning operator and could signify that a likely employee is not suitable for the job.

3. Insurance and Janitorial Service Bonding

Look for a janitorial service with liability insurance and janitorial service bonding as this is mandatory for all trustworthy janitorial services.

  • General Liability Insurance – This is the most common type of commercial insurance that a business should carry. It is a form of insurance that protect businesses, the employees and the clients from claims ensuing from advertising lawsuits, bodily injuries, property damage, and broken furniture and equipment.
  • Janitorial Service Bonding – This is a type of insurance in form of a surety bond. It protects you as a customer in case your property or belongings are stolen by an unscrupulous member of staff of a janitorial business. Bonding is necessary for janitorial companies since most of the cleaning services are carried out after business hours, in areas with costly office equipment and personal belongings.

4. Transparent and Clear Pricing

Choose a janitorial cleaning company with transparent and clear pricing because it is always essential to know what you are getting from the service. Here are a number of questions and factors to consider with janitorial service pricing:

1. How will I be billed – per hour, per month or per cleaning?
2. Will supplies, chemicals, and equipment be part of the billing?
3. Will there be any price increase or hidden charges?
4. What are the terms of the contract?
5. What will be the method of payment? Is it with Credit Card, PayPal, Debit Card, etc?

5. Quality Control

Quality control is imperative in the janitorial cleaning service industry because it ensures a particular degree of quality janitorial cleaning services, and almost all the tasks are carried out on the premises of the customer, outside the supervisory jurisdiction of the cleaning company. It is the type of control executed through a system of checks, balances, and rectifications.

Final Thoughts

Professionalism, background checks, insurance and service bonding, quality control, as well as transparent and clear pricing are some of the considerations for choosing a janitorial service. Once you follow the tips above, you will be ahead of the game.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for your Business

Posted on 10 November 2017 (0)

One of the areas every business focuses on is how they can reduce overhead costs. The fact that you’re trying to cut down your overhead doesn’t mean it’s more advantageous to stop using commercial janitorial services on a regular basis. What if my employees can still clean their offices and other areas within the building? Well, even if this is the case, you understand that you’re also working towards increasing productivity and generating more revenue for the business. Don’t you realize that your staff is less productive when your employees have to do such tasks?

Why don’t you focus on what you do best and let professional cleaners help with all your cleaning needs? Here are some of the benefits that come with hiring professional cleaners for your business.

Good First Impressions

Ever walked into an office that’s untidy and disorganized? If yes, you can appreciate the value of having a clean working environment. Maintaining a clean environment is not only healthy for your employees and clients but also implies a good first impression to your guests. Every business wants to have a clean, orderly, and tidy space that makes people feel comfortable and welcomed into. Hiring a janitorial service to take care of all your office cleaning needs will make your workplace feel hospitable something that will impact the reputation of your business.

Save time and Money

It’s time you stopped worrying about mopping up your office floor or cleaning the windows. Just like your residential property, your commercial building also needs deep cleaning, a process that requires the use of chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Hiring a team of professional cleaners will ensure your home or office is deep cleaned, thereby saving your time and energy. Remember time is money. You can have time to focus on your business and generate more revenue.

Attention to Detail

Professional cleaners have the tools and equipment to ensure your home is thoroughly clean and looks at its best. Cleaning your home or business yourself or just getting someone who doesn’t understand the cleaning process means having most areas of your office or home overlooked. Professional cleaners not only understand best cleaning techniques but are knowledgeable on how to leave your floors shining, windows spotless, and the entire office clean.

Healthier working environment

The last thing any business wants is employees who are always taking sick leaves. This affects the productivity of the business and can be costly as well. The problem could be the working environment which is filled with pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants. A proper cleaning ensures your office space is free of any disease-causing pathogens. Maintain a healthy working space by hiring a professional janitorial service.

Customized Cleaning Services

It’s important to note that professional cleaners will provide you with consistent results when it comes to your home or business cleaning needs. First of all, they will customize their services to fit your individual needs. If you want your working space to be cleaned during the day or at night when you’ve closed, they’ll act as per your schedule and plans. If you want them to only concentrate on specific areas of your business or home, that’s exactly what they’ll do.